Class of 2020

Name : Beckham Wong Chin Kiat

Project Title : Life of a Single Cell: A Programmer’s Approach



Name : Goh Jie Xiang

Project Title : Effect on fan blades on ventilation in tunnels



Name : Long Theng Shiunn Nicholas

Project Title : Analysis of the materials and construction of golf balls



Name : Muhammad Syaqir Bin  Effendi

Project Title : Evaluation of aerodynamic drag on high performance road bicycle wheels



Name : Ong Wen Hao

Project Title : How ciliates detect their predators through mechanoreceptional sensors



Name : Wee Jonathan

Project Title : Implementing the Immersed Boundary method to solve for fluid-structure interaction



Name : Wong Yong Zheng

Project Title : Flow field analysis of a twin impeller fan



Name : Yeong Dun Jie

Project Title : Aerodynamics of a car

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