Former Graduate Students



Teo Tingwei

Ph.D, 2022

Currently: Senior Engineer at ST Aerospace, Singapore




BenjaminBenjamin Tay Zikai

Ph.D, 2022

Currently: Forensic Scientist at Health Sciences Authority, Singapore





Tan Pei Yen 

Ph.D, 2019

Currently: Research Fellow at NTU, Singapore




Shen Xinhui

Ph.D, 2018

Currently: Research Fellow at NTU, Singapore




Koh Boon Yong James

Ph.D, 2018

Currently: Senior Data Science Instructor and AI Practicum Manager at Singapore Management University, Singapore



Tran Duc Quang

Ph.D, 2017

Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher at Institut Jacques Monod, France



Tran Ngoc Phu

Ph.D, 2017

Currently: MRSEC postdoc at Brandeis University, USA




Yao Xin

Ph.D, 2016

Currently: Application Engineer at I-Math, Singapore



 Kong Tian Fook

Ph.D, 2015

Currently: Senior Research Fellow at NTU, Singapore




Former Undergraduate Students:
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