Class of 2022

Name : Ashvin s/o Ravichandran

Project Title : How ciliates detect their predators through mechanoreceptional sensors 

Name : Aarynjeet Singh Travis

Project Title : Building a copepod constraint system with portable imaging system and robotic arm stand

Name : Chua Yong Keng

Project Title : Bacterial navigation in porous media 

Name : Gavin Lim Kang Jie

Project Title : Automating the process of cell growing

Name : Heo Yub

Project Title : Easy western blot solution

Name : Lim Jun Na

Project Title : Numerical simulation of virus spreading in office area

Name : Lim Xin You Alton

Project Title : Fluid mechanics of car exhaust system

Name : Ong Min Shun

Project Title : Distance sensing for bicycle collision warning system

Name : Timaeus Ong Song Yang

Project Title : Low-cost standalone syringe pump and pressure driven flow system

Name : Toh Bin Wei

Project Title : Bacterial aggregation 

Name : Valerie Lee Sze Eng

Project Title : Building copepod constraint system with robotic arm 

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